Welcome to the Oasis Float & Therapy Centre!


Oasis is the longest established Floatation and Therapy centre in the South-west of England. Way back in the dawn of time we set up Oasis in Totnes (Devon), so that we could provide a wonderful service, right here in the heart of the beautiful old market town of Totnes, which has, by the way, more alternative or complimentary therapists, per square metre, than anywhere else in the UK -- which is quite a claim to fame!


Over the years we've seen many other Float Centres come and go, but Oasis has remained as popular as ever, in all that time, with a steady clientèle comprised -- not just of locals, but those who come from all over the UK to visit us – and some even from overseas! Our success stems from the fact that -- in keeping with Totnes as a whole -- we *care* about people, and we’ve always striven to have the best possible staff working with us.


Our Centre is run by fully-trained people (some from a medical background, such as nursing) and they have all the professional qualifications needed for this line of work. We offer a great variety of therapies for our clients to choose from (see our full list on the Pricing page of this site) and each therapist is hand-picked – not just on the basis of their paper qualifications – but also based on their proven skills in helping and caring for clients in the best possible way, so that those who visit us get exactly what they need – and enjoy. 

We think we might have been doing something right, because some of our clients have been coming back regularly to Oasis Float and Therapy Centre for over fifteen years now!


We may not be the glossiest, most space-age looking centre in the UK (we are based, after all, in a quaint old Georgian listed building, with charming wiggly natural stone walls!) but our clients seem to feel that this all adds to the charm and attractions of visiting Totnes: we’re gentlefolk, and caring folk, and that’s what really counts!